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Personalized photo albums answer the question of what to do with all the images you love so much from your photo session. Clients often fall in love with most of their images, but have only so much wall space to display them on. Books of the images are just the ticket for solving the space problem. You can put a few statement images on the wall, and use the rest in a custom designed album. I just got one in for a client, so thought I’d snap a few pictures to show you just how gorgeous these albums are. They’re so pretty that I secretly want to keep them for myself once I see them! These deluxe albums are 9×9, with thick board-book like pages. The images are printed on photo paper, and then adhered to the page. The prints go right to the edge of the page, and are very firmly bonded on. Since they’re photographic prints and not just paper pages, the colors are rich and the images have more depth than just a press printed book. There’s a subtle linen texture to them…just lovely. Even pictures can’t do them justice.

 Personalized photo album images

Side view of the album- the corners are nice and tight, and you can see how thick the cover is:


personalized photo album cover

the side view of the album so you can see how thick and sturdy the pages are


the real beauty of these albums, though, is the way they can be personalized. Your favorite image can be spread out over two full pages, edge to edge, for extra impact. Series of pictures can be displayed as a collage on a page. You can add background colors, textures or pictures. If you have favorite quotes or verses, they can also be added to pages.


So here’s another way to display your cherished images- a truly personalized photo album that you can proudly display on your coffee table for years to come!





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