Twin newborn girls | newborn photography for two

Photographing newborns is fun, but taking pictures of twin newborn girls is even better! Twice the headbands, twice the cute hats…you get the idea. Norah and Phoebe were just over a week old at the time of their session. They have incredible parents and an awesome sitter, and thanks to their help, photographing them went pretty smoothly. I’m always in awe of the amount of work two babies are…parents of twins are some of the busiest people around. I’m sure these days will be somewhat of a blur to them looking back- good thing we have pictures to remind them how cute the girls were at this stage.


It’s so interesting to see how unique their personalities are right from the start. Phoebe is the more mellow one who sleeps more and seems to go with the flow


Norah is more alert and wakeful, and she seems to notice everything that goes on around her!


as is often the case with twins, these twin newborn girls were happiest when they were together- snuggling with each other seemed to be just the thing to make them happy



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