Kennedy & Wrigley | tips for newborn pictures with dogs

A dog is often the ‘baby’ of the family until the first baby comes along, so it’s natural to want to include them in the photography session with the baby. Taking newborn pictures with dogs is always interesting, but usually so much fun.

Tips for getting newborn pictures with dogs

  • it’s best to take things slowly, and to give the dog time to adjust to a new person in the home, the equipment and the camera. Most are curious, though, and can’t resist coming over to check things out. Let them explore (unless they’re eating your props, of course!)
  • keep your voice soft and low at first, and don’t touch them before they’re ready. Avoid sudden movements. Calm and assertive energy, as Cesar would say.
  • dogs somehow have an inborn sense that new babies are fragile and are very gentle around them, but it’s a good idea to have a ‘spotter’ whose only job is to watch the dog.
  • something soft to lay on can make a dog more comfortable and keep them in one spot longer.
  • unless it’s a very low energy, tolerant dog, avoid having the baby right on the dog. Use a basket or other container, and have the dog next to it- then you don’t have to worry about sudden movements
  • plan a ‘pose’ where the dog can sit or lie down, whichever they’re most comfortable with, without any other demands on him. Get him into position calmly and quietly, or use a family member to put him where you want him
  • once everything is in place, make a noise- start quietly, then increase the volume if you need to to get his attention. Be ready with a quick trigger finger for that moment when he looks at you, then take advantage of it
  • I avoid giving treats- they can make dogs overexcited, and a worked up dog is not what you want around a baby!

Kennedy’s photo session with her dog

Kennedy’s dog is Wrigley, a bright, energetic and friendly Goldendoodle named after the Cub’s stadium in Chicago. We took advantage of a feeding break and got him used to lying in front of the camera by himself, and then added Kennedy when she was ready. Wrigley was a pro, and it only took a minute to get some perfect shots of the two of them together. They show off how tiny she was at first. Perfect for progression pictures in years to come, too- see how much she’s grown when she’s compared to him again!



and here’s the beautiful Kennedy on her own-




For more information about dogs and newborns, see this article about preparing your dog for your new baby. Chances are, they’ll enjoy each other for years to come and will give you many more photo ops!

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