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The area of toddler pageant photography was a new one to me, but we had so much fun at Mackenzie’s session. She’s an absolute doll, and is certainly not your typical toddler when it comes to being in front of the camera. She’s lightning fast like most toddlers, and wants to explore everything in the world around her, but she really lights up when the lens is on her. This year’s trip to Atlanta will be her second time to compete in a pageant– she went last year and took home a few trophies, so she’s a veteran. Part of the competition involves submitting a portfolio of twenty pictures that are then judged. One of the categories she won last year was ‘best photography portfolio’, so the pressure was really on me to produce a great set of pictures! Her mom looked over what she had already and thought that outdoor images would really add a new dimension, so we did some decidedly non-typical toddler pageant photography. We met in my favorite field at sunset, and let her run off her energy in between taking pictures. Once she’d had a chance to run and jump, it was time for a new outfit (the portfolio needs to have a minimum of 5 outfits).  The most amazing thing to me was the number of clothing changes she tolerated- she’s got that talent down!

This engaging little face brings a smile to mine every time I look at it-

toddler_pageant_photographyBeautiful dark eyes, dimples and adorable expressions- such a wonderful combination


even the bows in her hair got changed with every outfit…her mom has amazing attention to detail



After spending an evening with her, I really fell for her sweet personality. No matter what happens at your pageant in Atlanta, Lady Z, I know you’re a winner! Good luck, and I can’t wait to hear how it went!

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