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Newborn photos after NICU stays call for a few precautions, but are definitely possible. A baby’s safety comes first, and it’s important to know if there a baby has any restrictions on poses or activity. If they do, it’s still possible to get beautiful pictures. There are plenty of options! One plus is that parents have had plenty of time to observe and handle their babies. They are experts in their baby’s preferences! Don’t be afraid to tell your photographer what your baby likes and doesn’t like- you know them best.

I come to your home for the newborn session. That’s always a plus with babies who are preemies or have had to spend time in the hospital for other reasons. Staying home means fewer germs to expose them to. I’m always careful to be healthy when photographing babies, and to use hand sanitizer generously. That’s doubly true when doing newborn photos after NICU stays. I worked for years as an RN, so have a good background for working with babies with any health challenges, too.

Miles was a bit early and tiny at birth (3 lbs). He was a bit older than most newborns at the time of his session, but still a newborn in gestational age. He was comfortable in some positions but not others. When I found a position he liked, he rewarded me with this adorable smile-

newborn photos after NICUand a few more of a content and settled Miles (one of them so alert!)-

newborn photos after NICU stay

If your baby has had to spend some time in the NICU, know that newborn pictures are still an option for you! Even though they’re outside the usual time of one to two weeks of age for newborn pictures, it’s still possible to get beautiful pictures of them. If you’d like more information, contact me here. I’d love to talk to you about your baby’s unique needs and help you get newborn photos of them!

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