Beach maternity photo session | maternity pictures at Lake Michigan

A beach maternity photo session is a fun option in west Michigan year round. Waves, dunes and sand all make a great backdrop for celebrating your pregnancy. In summer, it’s an obvious choice, but the beach is beautiful all year round. The off season has the advantage of being less crowded, too. We are blessed with many beautiful beaches on Lake Michigan. Have a beach in mind that’s special to you? I’m always open to new spots, and have traveled to beaches from the Michigan/Indiana border to Saugatuck.  I love all the variety! The variations in Michigan weather mean that the same beach can look different from day to day. Even a cloudy evening can be gorgeous if it results in a spectacular sunset.

Beach maternity photo session with family

They have three boys, and they’ve chosen to be surprised by this little one. All the boys were certain that it’s a little sister- so cute! The beach couldn’t have been a better choice for them- they’re full of energy and loved the chance to run and play when they weren’t in the pictures. Mom wanted a few on her own, but mainly wanted the focus to be on the family, the love they have for each other, and the anticipation for the newest member of the family:

beach maternity photo session with familyLoved these boys- can’t you just imagine how much fun this baby is going to have with them?! We were at Jean Klock Park in Benton Harbor. It’s a new favorite spot, because it’s got lots of room and usually isn’t too crowded. There’s lots of dune grass area as well as beach, so it has variety.

family beach maternity photosA glorious sunset- the perfect ending for a beach maternity photo session!sunset beach maternity photo session

Couples beach maternity photo session

It’s their first baby, and they’re expecting a girl. They chose the beach at Grand Mere in Stevensville, because they’re runners and train there frequently. It was just a *bit* intimidating to get to the beach with them. Turns out Dad is an ultra-marathoner and has done 100 mile races. The beach access is over a few steep dunes and is a 3/4 mile walk. I’ll blame my huffing and puffing on the heavy camera backpack : ).

beach maternity photo session for coupleprofessional maternity pictures beach I love when couples do maternity pictures together. Their life is about to change, and it’s good way to remember those days when it was just the two of them.

Notice all the variations of beautiful light…that late evening golden glow, the soft light of the sun behind a cloud and the colorful sunset are all so pretty. Evening is the best time of day for beach maternity pictures. Bright sun makes everyone squinty, so it’s best to wait until the intensity of the sun is less.


A sunset beach maternity photo session


sunset maternity picture tiscornia beachtiscornia beach professional maternity pictures

Another spectacular Lake Michigan sunset, this time at Tiscornia Beach in St. Joseph. They’re expecting their first baby, a boy, and have family who lives near this beach, so it holds lots of memories for them.I can see why they love it here- the dunes are so pretty and the picturesque pier adds just the right touch.

Clearly, the beach and maternity photos are a winning combination. If you’re interested in getting professional maternity pictures at the beach and would like more information, contact me. I’d love to talk over your ideas for photos with you!

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