at home newborn photo session- behind the scenes

Ever wonder just how a newborn photo session in your home works? Peek behind the scenes at several newborn photography session set ups in families’ homes in the Kalamazoo and Portage MI area, and then see the results. One of the worries that clients often have is that they don’t have a) the room we will need for a session or b) that their home just isn’t right for pictures- not enough light, too much clutter, etc.

This is to show you that none of that matters, and we can create beautiful pictures in just about any space. In my 13 years of going to homes all over southwest Michigan, I have never been in a space I couldn’t work in. I’ve worked in nurseries, basements, apartments, trailers, etc.,  and I’m don’t think you can tell from the final pictures which was which.

If you love your nursery or have some space in your home that you’d like to show off in your baby’s pictures, I’m happy to incorporate that and love the way that personalizes your photo session. If not, though, any space that we’re working in doesn’t even have to show. My set up is basically a large beanbag and a light with an umbrella. If that fits in the room, that’s all the space I need. That solves the light issue- I bring a controlled light source and I’m not dependent on windows or Mother Nature.

Behind the scenes of photo session #1

behind the scenes newborn photo session basementOlivia’s photos were taken in her family’s basement family room. As you can see, once I dimmed the lights, the room was pretty dark (although brighter than it looks in the first picture). I really prefer that, because it’s restful for babies and I can see better where my light is falling.  You can also see that I’m not using a very large area. There’s a couch off to my right where her parents are sitting- I always try to set up somewhere where parents can see it all and relax while they’re watching. For more pictures from this session, see the blog post here.

Behind the scenes of newborn photo session #2

behind the scenes newborn photo session in nurseryEdison’s newborn pictures were mostly done in his cozy nursery. If the space not taken up by crib and dresser is enough, this is my favorite place to photograph. It’s away from household noises and easy to keep warm- I recommend a temperature of at least 78 degrees where we’re photographing so that babies stay warm enough and happy. There’s usually a rocker in the nursery where mom can sit back and watch. All in all, nurseries sessions are some of the most peaceful I’ve had.

Behind the scenes of newborn pictures #3

Marea’s pictures were taken in the family’s living room- probably the spot where I most often set up. It tends to have more open space and more spots to sit, so that’s what we often opt for. Bonus points if there’s a fireplace- any added warmth always helps! Again you can see that there’s furniture very close by, and that’s not a problem- all I need is a spot for the bean bag. I also have the curtains closed again, because the light I bring is plenty for me-

behind the scenes newborn photo session living room

I hope this helps you to visualize how an at home newborn photo session works, and helps you to see that you don’t need a lot of room or the perfect decor. Choose a spot where there’s room for me and some room for you to hang out and enjoy the process, and that’s all we will need!


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