gracee & gunnar | twin newborns

It’s always amazing  how much personality you can already see in a baby who is only days or weeks old. The uniqueness of every baby is there right from the start, and Gracee and Gunnar sure demonstrated that. Their mom told me that Gracee was laid back and mellow, while Gunnar was a bit more opinionated and alert. They both lived up to their reputations, and I don’t even need the pink and blue colors to tell me who is who : ).

The twins together- so sweet to see how they both relaxed when they were tucked close together:

newborn-boy-and-girl-twinsMr. “I don’t want to miss a thing” Gunnar:

Chill Miss Gracee:

2016-07-28_0001Thanks, T. family for allowing me to capture your twins’ first weeks!

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