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Twin babies- there is something so special about their bond and the ways they’re alike and yet unique. Saheli and Savine’s mom had contacted me months before they were born to arrange a photo session for her twin babies. They had their own ideas about when to arrive, and were born 8 weeks early and tiny, just 3 pounds each. By the time of their session, though, they were over 5 lbs and were doing so well.


Since they were identical, the nurses in the NICU painted one baby’s big toenail blue to help keep them apart- love that little detail! I put a little mark on Savine’s face (that blue toenail didn’t show in every picture!) and then removed it in Photoshop, just to be sure we knew who was who in the final pictures : ).


It’s always seemed like fun to have twins, but every time I’m with a family with twin babies, I realize again just how much work it is. This mom and dad made it look easy, though, and were so laid-back about everything. Lucky girls to have such amazing parents!




Fun fact- their facebook preview was my most viewed, liked and shared one ever- it was seen by over 20,000 people. Their relatives in India are power facebook users and these girls are loved !

Fun fact #2- the Beauty Life Mommy blog liked their session so well that they featured it on the blog and interviewed their mama for the post. You can see their feature here: Twin babies at 8 weeks old.

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Newborn sessions are usually done when your baby is one to two weeks of age, and can be scheduled in advance. Don’t worry- I know babies have their own timetable, and my schedule is flexible and we can reschedule if needed!

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