one year old outdoors | Madison’s first birthday session

Photographing a one year old outdoors is the way to go to capture their newly mobile, interested-in-everything little personalities best! Once they’re mobile, they have zero interest in staying still, and they’re a bit young to follow directions yet. So, the best way to capture them is to find a (safe) spot with things to capture their interest, and then follow and catch them being themselves. A few simple activities can be a help, too.

Madison celebrated her first birthday not long ago, and was standing confidently and walking pretty well…perfect for  her session. When they’re not as fast as I am yet, photographing them is a little easier : ). When you photograph a one year old outdoors, there are usually plenty of things to grab their attention, and capturing them exploring is so much fun. They have a short attention span, but are interested in everything, and everything seems new to them. It’s such fun to see the world through their eyes!

Madison had a special birthday outfit, so we photographed her in her tutu, and she also had a little tea party and chased bubbles. Her mom and dad joined in for a few family pictures, too. Luckily, she didn’t mind clothing changes, so we got some variety there, too. It was a pleasure spending some time in the park with you, R. family! Here’s a sample from Madison’s one year old session:





If you have a toddler with a birthday coming up, and you’d like to schedule a photo session for your one year old outdoors, Michigan has some great weather coming up yet in the next few months! Contact me with any questions or to schedule your session!


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