photographing active one year olds | Jackson’s one year pictures

Photographing active one year olds is always an adventure (and usually a day I figure I can skip the gym, because I’ve gotten my exercise!). It’s usually much easier to do their sessions outside, where they have room to run and things to explore.

Jackson was turning one this summer, and I was so happy that his family decided on an outdoor session at beautiful Crane Park in on Westnedge Hill in Kalamazoo. I hadn’t seen Jackson since his newborn session, so it was fun to see the little boy that came out of the car. He was not only walking already, but running, so all the usual ‘toddler techniques’ came out for his session!

First, add in mom and dad- toddlers love being with their parents, and for those first few minutes while they’re warming up, being on mom or dad’s lap is a surefire way to get a toddler sitting still. Once the sitting still thing gets old, add in a little flying or bouncing. I just love this first image of Jackson and his mama-



The next key to photographing active one year olds is to give them room to run and things to explore. Jackson took to this with gusto, and I loved standing back and capturing it as it happened.


once he needed a little more entertainment, we added in new locations and a few other twists. He loved being ‘king of the mountain’ on the giant rock (with parents holding on, of course). The bird bath gave us another nanosecond to get him still, and he absolutely loved chasing bubbles around, trying to catch them, and stomping on them. As you can see, photographing active one year olds is a great chance for an aerobic workout.


Great to see you again, C. family, and happy birthday, Jackson!

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