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Newborn poses come in a wide variety, and Aiden was a pro at demonstrating them during his newborn session. Every baby is unique, and some babies are more flexible and take to the curly poses more easily than others. Each baby has his own likes and dislikes, too. Right from the start, they’re apt to favor turning their head one way or the other. They also have preferences for lying on their tummies or backs. I aim to get a variety of cute newborn poses while working with each baby’s natural preferences. If they protest when they’re put into a position, we move on to the next one. Getting a good picture is never worth causing a baby to be uncomfortable, and there are plenty of options.

Aiden’s newborn poses

We started his session with the family (you can see his gorgeous mama’s maternity session here– this often is easiest, because they can be held while they settle into a deeper sleep, and brothers and sisters are still fresh are ready to be part of things, too. Here’s one of my favorite newborn poses with a sibling, and they were fantastic with it!


Then it’s on to newborn poses of the baby by himself. For these, I often start with the baby wrapped snugly and place in a basket. It makes for an easier transition from being held and clothed to those adorable naked poses….we can gradually and gently get them to that point from here.


and with some unique angles and different hats, you can get a variety in the newborn poses without disturbing the baby-


then, if they’re in a sound sleep and comfortable, we can move on to some newborn poses that are a little more difficult to pull off with a wakeful baby. I love this ‘taco’ pose- so named because the baby is folded up-


and we were able to use his beautiful window seat for a few shots, too. Thanks, Aiden, for being such a cooperative model!


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