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Toddler photography involves speed and quick reflexes- not only from the toddler, but from the photographer! But that makes is fun and always interesting. I hadn’t seen Syrianna since her newborn photo session, and it was a joy to see how she’d grown now that she’s turning one. It’s always such a treat to see the changes a year brings. My very favorite part of the session, though, was capturing the bond between Syrianna and her mom. She’s a mama’s girl, and just lights up when mom is near. These pictures just melt me- I just picture her looking at these when she’s older and seeing how much she was adored. I know as moms we sometimes resist being in the picture, waiting to lose those last ten pounds or whatever, but I think pictures of moms with kids are treasures, and gifts that you give your kids far into the future. I know I’ve linked to this before, but if you need a reminder of the importance of getting into the picture yourself, here it is.

And here’s the birthday girl with her mom:


and a few more, because I love the whole series…



and since it was going to be her birthday, we had to do one with the silly birthday hat. Believe me, it was a challenge to catch the nanosecond between the hat being put on and her ripping it off, but a fast trigger finger helped!


this is her special rocking chair, made for the oldest child in this family by grandpa, and passed down as they grew. I love including those one-of-a-kind items that are very personal and special in toddler photography sessions, because that really makes the session ‘yours’. Who knows? This may be passed down to her kids, and it will be fun to have this memory of it. Dreaming, maybe, but it could happen!



If you have a baby who’s on the move and hard to catch in photos, consider a toddler photography session. Email or call 269-267-7083 for more information.

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