Pregnancy pictures | waiting for Abigail’s arrival

When I met L. to do her pregnancy pictures, I got that little nagging feeling that I knew her from somewhere. I just couldn’t place her, though. It always amazes me how small Kalamazoo can be- instead of six degrees of separation, I think there are only about three here. Familiar as she seemed to me, I never did make the connection while we were chatting during her session. It wasn’t until I came back for Abigail’s newborn session that she told me how I knew her. It turns out that she was a friend of my daughter’s in early elementary school, and had even spent time playing over at our house! She had changed a bit since then : ), and I didn’t recognize the married name. Talk about making me feel old! I never imagined all those years ago that one day I’d be photographing her pregnancy pictures, but I’m so happy we were able to make the connection and that I was able to capture her anticipation of her baby. Here are a few of her beautiful baby bump:



I’m loving using these less conventional bright colors lately. It’s always fun to have some variety, and bright colors that really pop make for a lively new look.

By the way, one way to score major husband points? Be in a few of the pregnancy pictures, too. I know it’s not always at the top of a guy’s list to be photographed, but it means so much to expectant moms to include dad in some of the images.


I’ll end with another of my favorite types of pregnancy pictures- dark, mysterious and softly lit- so symbolic to me of the mystery of new life.

Thanks for choosing me to capture this special time, L.- it was wonderful to see you again!



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