5 best Pinterest boards for kids’ activities

5 best pinterest boards for kids' activities

We’re a few weeks into summer vacation- about at the point where the newness has worn off and kids are looking for something to do. Pinterest to the rescue, with a selection of 5 of the best boards for kids’ activities. Continuing the ‘best of Pinterest’ series (really just a way to play around there some more and discover fun things!), this list is really more about the best pinners than the best boards, because the best resources for kids’ activities have many boards in many categories. Have fun exploring, and hopefully this will save you from hearing the dreaded ‘bored’ word!

The 5 best Pinterest boards for kids’ activities

Crafty and Creative and Colorful

kids' actiivities Pinterest board

There are an unbelievable number of ideas on this fun board. With 2500 pins, you have more than a summer’s worth of things to make. Nothing is too elaborate, though, and most crafts look like they could be done spur of the moment with things you already have around the house. Best of all, they’re things that kids can play with after they make them.


Modern Parents, Messy Kids

modern parent messy kid Pinterest board


Many fun boards here, including indoor play, outdoor play, holidays, playroom ideas, bringing back the family meal. My favorite pin is the ‘must do summer list’ on her must-follow moms board


Zina Harrington

Zina Harrinton Pinterest boards


An impressive 1.2 million followers! Thoughtful, family-centered boards include ‘Parenting with Presence’, about positive parenting, Kid Science, Family Fun Nights, Kids’ Writing Ideas and many more. Educational and fun at the same time, and something for every kid no matter where their interests lie.



Melissa Taylor

Outdoor as well as indoor things to do. I love her Gardening with Kids board. Others range from Pretend Play to Kids and Technology. My favorite board, because of my lifelong love affair with kids’ books, is her Children’s Books board. Her Summer Activities board has boredom busters galore.

Rachel Miller-

Rachel is a blogger at KidsActivitiesBlog.com.  She has ery well organized boards with an unbelievable number of different types of activities- even a playdough board with almost 200 pins (I still love playing with playdough!). My favorite board- ‘On the Road Again’, with travel activities- a lifesaver, if you ask me.

bonus- Artful Parent     Jean is passionate about children’s art and creativity, and blogs about it at www.ArtfulParent.com.  Her boards are beautiful, and have ideas for handmade gifts, various holidays, hands on crafts, sewing and cooking. Favorite board- the darling doll house board, which includes doll houses made from a hat box and from a tree trunk.

doll house Pinterest board








There you have it- 5 best Pinterest boards for kids’ activities. Have fun, and as always, happy Pinning!

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