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One of the best perks of newborn baby photography in the baby’s home is getting to meet family. Parents, siblings, pets…they’re all in the mix and it’s fun to include them in some of the pictures, too. They can pop in when it’s their turn, and then be off doing their own thing- especially nice for toddlers with limited patience! Isla’s session was extra special, because her grandparents were there for it. Her family is from Scotland but recently moved to Kalamazoo for a job, so her grandparents are going to be many miles away for a while. They’re going to really appreciate having photos of her when there’s so much distance between them. Here’s the beautiful girl:


and here she is with her Grandpa and Grandma. You can see how much they’re enjoying her, but I wish you could hear their Scottish accents- I could listen to them all day. We put the following three images together in a collage. Her mom calls the middle image ‘the womb picture’, and I love that. She won’t be curling up this tightly for much longer.


then a few with her parents. Just precious to see how they’re looking at her- she’s adored by so many people already, and I think she’s managed to wrap her daddy around her finger in less than a week (she almost looks like she knows it, too, doesn’t she?). Amazing how many baby girls are able to do that very quickly!


of course, no newborn baby photography session is complete without a few cute hats, wraps and headbands, and she rocked those, too-


not every baby sleeps deeply enough to use the more upright baskets and buckets, but after a mid-session feeding she was really out, so we were able to do that, too


Wonderful to meet you, F. family, and fun to know that these pictures are on their way to another continent!

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