brand new baby

A baby is beautiful. I’ve believed that since I was old enough to flip the pages of the Better Homes and Gardens Baby Book- and I used to do that often to look at all the baby pictures (it was a simpler time!). Newborns should be the stars in their photographs, and I think simplicity is often the best way to showcase them. Here are a few of my favorite ways to show them off.

All curled up

This pose is a favorite- such a good way to see those little toes and the ‘curled-upness’ these little ones still have-

curled up newborn pose

Wrapped and snug

from there it’s fun to wrap them snugly, and most babies love to be swaddled-

baby in wrap

A hat for fun

of course, little hats are a fun way to add variety, while still staying classic and  uncomplicated

baby in knit hat

In Dad’s hands

and one of my all time favorite poses- in dad’s hands. It’s one of the best ways to see how small they really are- just months from now it will be hard to believe he was this tiny

baby in dad's hands

Up close

another favorite spot for photographing- a classic basket. Babies usually love the coziness of a blanket- or fur-lined basket, and it’s a good way to get a close up look at their faces

baby in basket

Isn’t he gorgeous?!

For more examples of newborn photographs, see the gallery of baby pictures. 

If you’re expecting a baby and are interested in a photography session for your new little one, call 269-267-7083 for more information or to schedule a session. Sessions can be tentatively scheduled in advance, and then adjusted as necessary


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