big family dog- baby’s first best friend

People who aren’t familiar with this breed might assume it’s risky to put a really big dog next to a brand new baby, but with Bernese Mountain dogs, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Their calm temperaments, easy affection and patience have earned them the ‘gentle giant’ reputation, and they’re especially gentle with kids. At about 100 lbs., Brody’s best friend really showed how tiny he was, and we couldn’t resist getting the two of them in a picture together. While he was a bit camera shy at first, this gorgeous furry guy relaxed quickly and was happy to hang out next to the basket, breathing in all the new baby smells. I know he’s going to be grateful for all the dropped Cheerios and other treats that come his way soon- there are no food crumbs on the floor when there’s a dog in the house!

big dog with new baby

and oh, the cuteness of this fauxhawk!

newborn fauxhawk

one of my favorite and most-used props is my trusty Pepsi crate- it disappears quickly if there are Coke employees in the family : ), but in this case Grandpa works for Pepsi and it was perfect for holding his new grandson!

baby in Pepsi crate


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