the sitting-up baby stage

It’s no secret that my favorite baby stage after the newborn is when they’re sitting up confidently. There’s just something about having a new point of view and new abilities that seems to make babies happy at that age. Stranger anxiety usually hasn’t set in yet,  they have a bit of a schedule, and life is good. That makes the six-nine month age a perfect time for another round of pictures. Blythe was such a beautiful baby at her newborn session, but now she’s added charm and personality that make her irresistible. No way can you look at this face and not smile!

six month old baby sitting up

I love all the baby rolls you can see in these images, and the way all the little habits of this age show up- everything goes in the mouth, and their legs are flexible enough to even make that include feet!

baby pictures at home

adorable smiling baby with headband and pearls

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