Important Tips for Your Baby’s Photography Session

We know all too well that babies are not always as peaceful or as quiet as they appear in their pristine photographs. So, what happens if your little bundle of joy gets cranky during their photography session?  Rescheduling isn’t always a pleasant task, for you, the baby, or the photographer, so it’s best to do what you can to get your new son or daughter in the best mood possible.

  • Newborn babies love the warmth. Turning up the heat about an hour before I arrive is a great way to make your little one comfortable and cozy. Babies feel content and calm in homes that are about 80 degrees in temperature, so even if you get a little hot, it’s worth it! The most successful sessions seem to happen when we’re sweaty- that’s a comfortable temperature for a lightly clothed baby!
  • Feed your baby right before the session, and try not to rush the feeding. Babies pick up on stress quickly, so relax and take your time. I only schedule one newborn session a day, so there’s no need to hurry.
  • Even if you plan the session solely for your child, you should consider being in at least a few photos. The interaction between a parent and child is priceless, and I love capturing that.
  • If your baby needs a break for nursing or consoling, go for it. We work on ‘baby time’ and it’s worth taking our time to get a relaxed and happy baby. I do not book more than one session per day, so that I can give special attention to each client.
  • Do not worry if your baby happens to go to the bathroom during an undressed pose. This happens often, and as it is a normal part of life, it does not upset or offend me. For sanitary reasons, I launder all backdrops or props before your baby interacts with them.

If you would like more tips & information on newborn photography sessions, please email me or give me a call, and I’ll be happy to help!

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