Photographer reviews

Photographer reviews and client thoughts

I work with the most wonderful families- I have been so lucky! I’m grateful for them every day. Here’s a selection of the things they’ve had to say after they’ve had a session or received their portraits.

2014-08-01_0003   I have to tell you that my husband was a little skeptical about why I wanted professional pictures taken of S. and the whole family, but he is so thrilled     with the outcome. He has showed everyone he works with the slideshow, and his input to me when deciding what to buy is just to buy them all because  there  is not a bad picture in the bunch. He has even thanked me a few times now for taking the initiative to do it even though he wasn’t completely sold. In   the past I have always hauled him with me to a department store when we have gotten C’s picture taken, and he is always very disappointed with the         outcome. So, it’s a big compliment to you that he appreciates all the pictures you’ve taken now, even if he wasn’t sure about it in the beginning. Both sides of  our family agree that the pictures you took of C. are the best we have ever had. She’s a very bright, beautiful and feisty little girl, and sitting still for a picture and looking pleasant has never been her cup of tea. Thank you, thank you! We’re already talking about when to have you take more pictures! 🙂

JL, Kalamazoo

Your work recommends itself. People have seen your pieces in my home and fallen in love. I always give them your website and rave about what you do….and the raving is        HONEST. I have felt so honored that your gifts came into our lives. YOU will ALWAYS be an important part of my life. You gave me the gift of my beautiful granddaughters  caught in time….and nothing can ever take that away. The portraits are treasures. DP, Battle Creek

OH MY WORD ELLEN!!!!!!  I’m always blown away with your eye for photography!!!!  Now as you have heard so many times…..”How do I choose?!”  🙂  Thank you so much for using your talent for us!!! KL, Hudsonville



Oh Ellen!  Once again you amaze me!!!  I LOOOOOOOOVE them! You are so stinkin talented!!   LOVE IT! JE, Portage




 THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!  We can’t thank you enough for coming and spending time with our family to get these incredible pictures.  You are so talented.  It really shows in your work how much you love your job. RT, Portage




We adore our pictures from our first session with you, so I’m so thankful you’re available to photograph this pregnancy and our next baby’s first few days,   too.  We just couldn’t imagine having anyone else do such important photos for us. We’re very much looking forward to the session! JP, Jackson



Oh Ellen~~Great work!!  I can’t believe you got so many great images of R.– even after she was sooo uncooperative!!  Thank you again and again (and again!) for your patience with her! AD, Kalamazoo


2014-08-01_0006  Dear Ellen, We are so thrilled at how amazing the pictures look!! You are a genius at capturing our best. What a beautiful slideshow and music you choose to   accompany it. The kids look stunning!! Thank You, TS, Kalamazoo



You will love this story:  J. had picture day at his daycare – can you guess who was the only child who wouldn’t sit still for the photographer?

 J!  ( Are you surprised?? 🙂

  I had a panicked call from the owner of the daycare saying that she didn’t  know what to do – they couldn’t get J’s picture.  I told her not to bother… it wasn’t worth pushing it as it would most likely end in tears!

 Again, thanks for the wonderful photos of J, I am well aware he’s not the easiest subject to photograph.KR, Kalamazoo


Ellen- the pictures are so amazing! Thank you! We have lots of people crying. 🙂 Everyone is in love with your work. I am so happy we will have forever memories of this time. SB, Richland

I LOVE THE PICTURES!  To be honest the slide show brought tears to my eyes and I don’t think that has anything to do with the crazy pregnancy hormones.  Thank you so much for spending the time to get such great shots. MB, Kalamazoo

They are so beautiful.  You captured our girls perfectly.  Indeed, we are “blessed and lucky.”  And I am so glad you had us do the family picture, too.  We are so excited! DC, Kalamazoo

Thanks again for such a great photo shoot. You are truly a gifted photographer, and you were amazing with him 🙂 LN, Portage

Thank you so much for taking photos of M!  You are a skilled artist, and you did an amazing job!  The every single photo you took is

wonderful. KM, Kalamazoo


I received the photos last Friday and they were the icing on the cake of Friday.  🙂  I liked them even better in person – hard to imagine!! I have most of them framed already…I love how the essence of B. is so perfectly captured! KR, Kalamazoo

Love it, love it, love it!!!  R. and I are thrilled with the pictures.  I started crying my eyes out when I first played the preview!! AV, Kalamazoo

We LOVED our pictures!  You are a master! I’ve shown them to family members and friends, and everyone has been thrilled and so complimentary to you! Thanks again ~ you are truly an artist and a blessing! LB, Kalamazoo

I just received the pictures… they are amazing, even better than on the computer!! I cannot express just how happy we are with your work!! We will for sure keep calling you for all our picture needs and send all the glowing recommendations on!! KC, Portage

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