simple newborn photo props

Simple newborn photo props are some of my favorite things to add to a baby’s photo session. Organic baskets, beds and bowls are timeless. They’re a great way to accent the baby’s small size. They also snuggle a baby in and make them feel comfortable while they’re being photographed. Add in a cozy fur or fluff, wrap the baby up snugly in a pretty fabric, and they’re happy as well as beautiful.

Here are a few of my most-requested simple newborn photo props:

the driftwood basket

organic and interesting, just the right size for a new baby:

simple newborn photo props: driftwood basket

I also like to tuck flowers around the basket for girls-

newborn in driftwood basket with flowers

the round basket

holds a swaddled newborn perfectly:

simple newborn photo props: round basket

it’s also great for showing off a cute outfit:

new baby boy in overalls in round basket

perfect for adding seasonal decorations, too-

newborn boy in round basket- christmas theme

the heart basket

newborn in heart basket

the bucket

newborn in bucket prop

simple newborn photo props: beds

one of the tiny beds is white, and is so versatile that I use it at almost every session now:

simple newborn photo prop: tiny bed

the other little bed is a twig bed, which looks really beautiful with added flowers:

newborn in tiny twig bed

the round bowl

so versatile and perfect for showing off baby in a pretty wrap-

baby in lavender wrap in round bowl

flowers and seasonal items can really add to the bowl prop, too-

simple newborn photo props: round bowl

simple newborn photo props: lovies

another type of simple newborn photo prop that I love using is tiny stuffed animals, otherwise known as ‘lovies’. I use them in just about every session. I have a variety, so there’s always one that’s just right for a baby and family. They can be tucked in next to a baby or put in the baby’s hands. When I use them, I usually hear a chorus of ‘awwws’ behind me- they add so much cuteness!

Two of my favorites are bunnies:

simple newborn photo prop- bunny
simple newborn photo prop: tiny bunny

sheep lovie-

newborn with sheep lovie

bear lovie-

newborn with bear lovie

to take it up another notch, the tiny bears can be paired with a matching outfit (complete with bear ears on the hat)-

newborn in bear outfits with bear lovies

I love a simple style of newborn photography, with the focus on the baby and not too much ‘stuff’ in the picture that distracts from the baby. I think if you stick with simple newborn photo props, though, it’s a case of ‘just enough’. As long as the prop has an organic look and a timeless style, it adds variety and interest to a newborn session.

If you’re expecting a baby and are interested in a newborn photo session, take a look through the pictures on the blog and in the newborn photography gallery on the website. If my style is a match for yours, contact me for further details. I’d love to help you to get newborn pictures that you love!

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