Military dad with his newborn daughter

Emma’s mom’s top request for her newborn session was a picture of her military dad with his newborn daughter. Emma’s dad gladly put his army uniform on for the pictures. She was still so small that she even fit into his cargo pocket, and that one was her mom’s favorite. I love it too. It shows so clearly his love, care and protection of his new baby girl. It embodies exactly what those who serve in the military do for us.

picture of military dad with his newborn

Once we had some pictures of her with her dad in uniform, we took some with just her and the uniform. It’s a good thing she was still tiny- I don’t think she would have fit in either the pocket or the helmet if she were much bigger!

newborn baby with dad's army uniform
newborn baby in dad's army helmet
newborn picture with army jacket and boots

I love seeing how tiny she is next to his boots and jacket. It won’t be long before she’s sitting next to the boots or is pulling herself up to hang onto her dad’s legs, and it will be so special to have these pictures to show how much she’s grown.

Thank you to all those in the military who give us the gift of the safety and peace that Emma’s showing us here!

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