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I’m often asked if I take newborn pictures with family members included. The answer is an enthusiastic ‘yes’! It’s so important to capture the start of those relationships, both with parents and siblings. I’m sure those pictures are going to be so treasured in the future, and I’m so happy when parents want to be a part of the pictures.

newborn pictures with family

It’s not always easy to make it happen, but it is worth it. Moms have so much to do with a new baby in the house, and let’s face it, planning for pictures usually gets to be her job, too. It doesn’t have to get complicated, though! Here are a few tips to help:

The number one question is, “What do we wear for newborn pictures with family included?”

– keep outfits simple- comfortable clothes for siblings, small/subdued prints, midtone colors like grays, pastels, tans. Don’t worry about shoes, because feet won’t be in the picture. Nice jeans are fine- very little below the waist will show

– I know that no one who has just given birth wants their abdomen in a picture. Don’t worry- I won’t do that to you! Pictures usually are just chest-up, or have a handy child in front of areas you’d like to hide.

The second most common question is “What if my toddler/preschooler/other kids don’t cooperate?” Sometimes they don’t- it’s a big change in their lives to have a baby join the family, and it can overwhelm them to the point that they’re acting out. I will work very hard to make it happen, though! I start working on it the minute I come through the door. The kids get attention from me, and the baby does not at first. I let them help me set up if they want to be involved, and we start the session by having them take a picture or two of their favorite stuffed animal. That usually does the trick to warm them up. If not, we don’t push too hard and try again in a few minutes. We usually start with the full family to give kids a chance to get used to it with their parents right there.

That’s Clara and her family up above. Her mom loves ivory and white and requested that her whole session use those tones. Love the way she dressed everyone! Here are a few more family combinations from her session-

st joseph sibling and newborn picturesst joseph newborn and parent pictures



If you’re expecting a baby and would like newborn pictures with family included, contact me for more information. I’d love to capture all those important relationships for you!

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