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Snowy maternity photo sessions are perfect for outdoor pictures of moms-to-be in the winter. Yes, really! You need to be a bit adventurous and it helps if we work quickly, but they have become some of my favorite sessions. In my experience, they result in gorgeous pregnancy pictures- snowy branches and white blankets of snow make a beautiful background.

Snowy maternity photo sessions can have either a casual vibe or can be a bit dressier. If we’re close to a spot that’s good for clothing changes, being photographed in more than one outfit can give you the best of both worlds. In these two recent sessions, we were able to use the family’s back yard- so convenient. As you’ll see, the backgrounds look gorgeous. It doesn’t take much- just snow, some trees and pretty light.

In these maternity pictures, mom wanted some casual and some dressier pictures. She wore her own outfit for the casual ones-

casual style snowy winter maternity photo sessionthen she popped inside to change for a different look-sunset snowy maternity photo sessionsThe winter sunset light was so pretty!

It can be tricky to schedule snowy maternity photo sessions. This winter snow has been plentiful, but that’s not always the case. Then there’s temperature to consider- with snow comes cold, and sometimes it’s just too cold to be outdoors without coats and hats. We got so lucky with this next couple’s session. Two days earlier it had been below zero. The next day it was supposed to be in the 40s and the snow would be gone. The day of the session, the sunrise was beautiful and it was in the 20s- perfection! Again, we were right out their back door. For the first set, we included Otis, the first baby of the family-

snowy winter maternity photos with doggorgeous morning light!snowy winter maternity photo session with gownwe moved just a bit in the yard and got a completely different background and look-snowy winter maternity photo session pine trees

A little chilly for a few minutes, but totally worth it!

And by the way, the gowns in these pictures are mine. I have a wardrobe of them in different sizes, and you’re welcome to use them for your session.

So, if the best time in your pregnancy for maternity pictures is winter, consider doing them outdoors. Interested in learning more? Contact me here.

I’d love to use Michigan’s winter wonderland as the background for your pictures, too!

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