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A fresh 48 newborn photo session takes place right in the hospital, within the first day or two after your baby is born. Imagine capturing all those firsts- meeting siblings for the first time, first bath, first outfit…  The pictures in a fresh 48 newborn photo session are typically less posed and more a ‘slice of life’ or candid. The goal is to capture interactions and emotion- the excitement of meeting this little one you’ve been dreaming about for months, the family who is so eager to see them for the first time and the relationships of a lifetime that are just beginning.

The B. family asked me several months before their baby was born to come to Bronson Hospital after her birth to photograph those first hours, and I jumped at the chance. They had planned it all so well. Her brother was going to be meeting her for the first time, and they set up the meeting so thoughtfully. He had made his sister a card, and she had gotten him a gift to open. It was so sweet to watch him with his new camera, photographing ‘his’ baby.

First, the little details- the wrinkled and flaky skin, tiny toes, silky hair-

fresh-48-newborn-photo-session-baby-detailswith her dad, and meeting brother for the first time-fresh 48 newborn photo sessionher gift to her brother, and the new photographer. I don’t think my job is in trouble for a while yet : )cuddling with big brother. Doesn’t he look smitten?!fresh 48 newborn photo session meeting big brotherI loved doing this fresh 48 newborn photo session so much that I’ve decided to start offering them as an add-on to newborn pictures. The timing is a bit tricky, so to be sure I will be able to be at the hospital during the hours when your baby is first born, I’ll only be taking 2 a month. If you’d like pictures of your baby in that first day or two of life, documenting all the little details and the excitement of your family and friends, contact me for more details. I’d love to help you capture all that freshness, too!

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