twelve month old Charlie | happy baby boy

Charlie’s at that wonderful age where he’s generally happy, not afraid of strangers and able to sit up but not walk- perfection for pictures! He also has fabulous wispy but abundant hair and a sunny disposition….so much fun to photograph! I really think he could have a baby modeling career : ). I have a love of hats on babies, and he indulged me there, too- lots of babies just whip them off at this age. See? He’s perfect!


happy six month oldHe has a very patient, tolerant dog who’s getting older, so we had to be sure to get a picture of the two of them together-

six month old with dogHis parents are big football fans, and he’s learned to make the touchdown sign when he hears the word. He also has his own jersey, and the combination is so endearing-

six month old touchdown signThanks for making my job easy, Charlie- you were a joy to work with!

If your baby is at the sitting up or standing milestone and you’d like to get pictures of their exciting new skills, contact me for more information. I’d love to help you capture them!


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