twin babies

I’ve seen more pairs of twin babies this year than any year before (and I love it)- not sure if this is a big year for twins or if I’ve just gotten lucky! Rowan and Quinn are a pair of boy/girl twin babies, and they kept their mama waiting. She had just contacted me to reschedule when she went into labor. They were both pretty good sized, so this amazing woman was carrying a lot of baby!

Like many sets of twin babies, they were happiest when snuggling up together, so we started with images of the two of them-



Just loved watching them together- so sweet to see them all snuggled up.

A few of Quinn by herself-


and then Rowan had his turn-

schoolcraft-newborn-boyThanks so much for choosing me to photograph your new son and daughter, T. family!

If you’re expecting a baby and would like to schedule a newborn photo session in your home, contact me for more information and details. These sessions are usually done when your baby is 1-2 weeks old- a perfect time to capture all their newness. It can be a busy, sleep deprived time, and it’s so nice to capture it so you can look back on it later when you have time to take it all in!

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