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It seems very strange to be calling a baby older when he’s just 5 weeks old, but that’s the way we newborn photographers tend to think. We’re used to photographing babies when they’re 1-2 weeks old, so anyone a month old or more can seem old to us! While doing a newborn session when a baby is around a week old does tend to make things easier, I know life can get in the way of scheduling a session when your baby is at that ideal age. So, I do make room in my schedule for last minute sessions and for sessions with babies past that age.

As long as we have our expectations right, we can still get beautiful pictures of your baby. Often babies older than 2 weeks will have lost some of that ability to curl up really tightly- they’ve started to stretch and move more. Some of the really curly poses might not be possible, but lots of other things are- and after all, they will never be younger than they are at this stage!

This little guy was 5 weeks old at the time of his session. He had been born a few weeks early, though, and was still tiny, so he did a fantastic job for his session and completely proved my wrong on the ‘curliness’. I was happy to be proven wrong, and had a wonderful morning with him and his doting big brother, who wanted to help in any way he could- so sweet!

Here are a few images from our time together-


gobles-newborn-photographergobles-mi-newborn-photographer2016-05-03_00042016-05-03_0005So if you have an ‘older’ newborn and would still like to schedule a newborn photo session, contact me to talk it over- I’d love to help you get pictures of your new baby!

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