six month old twins

Six month old twins- one of my favorite ages to photograph times two! It was wonderful to see how Grayson and Jaxson had grown since their twin newborn session.

At six months, they’re thriving, sitting, happy and so interested in the world around them. Grayson is still the quieter and more shy of the two, and Jaxson is bubbly and outgoing. They’re starting to crawl, so it was a challenge to keep them in one spot long enough to get pictures : ). They looked so cute in hats that we wanted to use them, but it mostly involved me being ready, mom popping a hat on, and me shooting oh-so-quickly before the hat got pulled off again. Luckily I have perfected my fast shooting skills and we were able to get some! As you can probably guess, it was a good workout. As always when working with twins, I’m reminded how 1 + 1 sometimes adds up to more than two. I have so much admiration for parents of twins!

Here are a just a few of the six month old twins from their session:

six-month-old-twinssix-month-old-twin-boys2016-03-16_0003So great to see you again, Grayson and Jaxson- looking forward to seeing how big you are at a year!


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