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Twin newborn photography has all the joys and challenges of photographing one baby, but magnified- kind of like parenting twins, I’m sure! I’ve done twins on my own, but was so thankful to have an assistant this time to help soothe and pose these sweet boys. Jaxson and Grayson were full term fraternal twins- their (superwoman) mom was carrying over 15 lbs. of baby by the end of her pregnancy! They’re certainly not identical in personality, either. Grayson was laid back, easy to calm down and slept most of the morning. Jaxson, on the other hand, didn’t want to miss a thing that was going on. His eyes were open most of the time, and he had this adorable little furrowed brow while he was keeping an eye on us. I love that we were able to capture their unique personalities in their images together- you’ll easily be able to tell who was who in most of the pictures!

Here’s just a sampling of the images from our time together. When doing twin newborn photography, I work on capturing pictures of the two of them together showing the special bond they have. I also, though, focus on each one separately and give them their own session…so important to remember each one individually, too. (Although I think I chose only ones of the two of them together to show here- you’ll just have to trust me that I didn’t neglect them on their own!)


(and I just have to say-their mom looks fantastic for someone who just had and is taking care of twins!)


Have questions about twin newborn photography? Interested in finding out more about newborn photo sessions? Drop me a line here– I’d love to answer any questions or help you to plan a session!

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