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The Michigan Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic exhibit featuring photos of youth currently in the foster care system waiting for their forever family. The exhibit raises awareness of the kids who are waiting for adoption, and gives them exposure throughout the state. I’ve been privileged to work with them for a few years and have met the most amazing, interesting, polite, kind and fun kids while photographing for the exhibit. This year’s family was no exception. They’re siblings, but not currently living together, so it was a big reunion for them to be able to spend some time together- you could tell they were overjoyed to see each other again. The personalities were all so different- from sweet and shy to outgoing to dramatic. They complemented each other well! We met in downtown Kalamazoo by the ‘tomato mural’ as I call it, and used the brick walls and the colorful tomato scenes as our backdrop. Once we got the ‘sitting and smiling’ shots done, we had to do a few jumping ones and we had a blast with them. When I went to the Michigan Heart Gallery’s website today, I see they made the home page with their jump!

How I hope that they find a forever family and are able to live together again. If you have room in your family and are considering adoption, I urge you to visit the exhibit- it’s full of great kids who are waiting for adoption. It travels throughout Michigan for the next year, so check the website to see when it’s coming to your area.





For photos in an urban setting of your kids or family, contact me for more information- I’d love to use the colorful walls and interesting textures of downtown Kalamazoo as your backdrop!

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