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Personalizing a newborn photo session makes it so special to a baby’s family. Colors, styles and props all influence the ‘feel’ of the session, and it’s important to match that feel to a family’s likes and dislikes. Clients tend to choose me for my organic, simple style, of course, but there are many ways that can be included in photographs, so having a direction in mind before the session is important. I love to find out a family’s tastes in decor and color and plan the session’s colors around their preferences. It makes it even more special when they have things with a story to include in the session. Porter’s family planned ahead, and I loved using the items they wanted to include in his session.

His grandma is a fabulous knitter and made him a darling set of booties with a matching hat. I was drooling over the beautiful cables and stitches in them, and Porter seemed to feel very cozy in them.  They also had a vintage teddy bear that had been Porter’s daddy’s when he was a boy. I paired it with my vintage crate and love the combination. I think they should keep doing pictures with that bear on every birthday-comparison pictures like that are some of my favorites. It will be fun to see how his size changes compared to the bear!

His parents were ready to be a part of his session, too, which I love. I always picture these babies growing up and looking fondly at these images of their young, new parents and feeling how very much they were loved from the start. It doesn’t get any more special than that!




newborn-with-vintage-teddy-bearPersonalizing a newborn photo session is fun, meaningful and such a great way to make it truly yours! If you’re expecting a baby and would like your own personalized newborn pictures, contact me and we can talk over ways to make your session unique!

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