puppies for PAWS |a large litter of labs

This one’s partly personal, but they are so cute I just had to share them. Our family volunteers for Paws with a Cause, raising and training puppies to be service dogs. Our latest puppy, Adele came back to us after being in formal training for a few months- they liked her so well that they made her a breeding dog. Well, she not only excelled in training, but in producing puppies, too, because she had a litter of eleven puppies! She’s half Labrador retriever, half Golden retriever, and the father is all Lab. He’s black, and every one of the puppies is black, too- the only evidence of Adele is a tiny white blaze on a couple of the puppies. They do have her sweet personality, though, and so far seem to be pretty laid back and confident- perfect qualities for service dogs. We had a little going away party for the puppies before they left, and wanted to do a group photo. Finding something to hold all 11 of them wasn’t easy- buckets and boxes leave too many hidden behind other dogs. And they’re chunks- all between 13 and 16 pounds, so they need some room! I was cleaning out the basement and spotted this antique dresser, and thought they might all fit in the drawers. So, with the help of many wonderful puppy wranglers and an attention-getting noisemaker or two, we did it! Here’s the PAWS ‘B’ litter of future service dogs, 6 boys and 5 girls:

litter of lab puppies in dresser drawersSomeone on facebook called them the ‘Labradrawer puppies’, and I love that!

Good luck as you go home with your foster families, wonderful puppies. I can’t wait to see where you go as you grow up- I know you’re going to change lives!


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