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Brett and Abby wanted a creative pregnancy announcement, and did they ever dream up a way to make one! They love the lake and love boating- in fact, Brett works with boats. Since it’s prime boating season on Gull Lake, they thought they would use the water and their boat as a setting for their announcement pictures. I jumped at the chance to capture this, and was lucky enough to have another boat and ‘captain’ to shoot from. They hadn’t told anyone yet that they were expecting, so it also took some creative motoring to avoid anyone familiar on the lake : ).

Of course, while they were working on their creative pregnancy announcement, they couldn’t leave out their beloved dogs (the first babies, you know!). These dogs were amazing. They both love the water, and had both spent time on paddleboards, so we put one on each paddleboard and the baby-to-come’s sandals on a third. There was a fair amount of splashing and leaping involved, but eventually the stars aligned and everyone was in the right place at the right time…looking right at the camera, no less.

Since Abby had come up with such clever ideas for announcing their news to everyone, I had to ask how she told Brett. She laughed and said, “Nothing creative- I just screamed”.  Thanks, Brett and Abby for asking me along on the adventure of making your creative pregnancy announcement- I can’t wait to meet this little one in 2015!





Interested in a session to capture pictures for creative pregnancy announcements? Contact me to talk over your ideas- I’d love to explore them with you!

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