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This mama-to-be started thinking about maternity portraits towards the end of her pregnancy, so we worked to find a date quickly. I’m so glad it worked out, because just a few short weeks from her due date, she’s stunning and truly has that glow of pregnancy.


It seems every mama-to-be that I work with feels a bit large and ungainly towards the end of pregnancy (at least I hear a lot of self-deprecating comments!). I firmly believe, though, that pregnancy is beautiful, and it’s such a joy to work to capture that and to have a mama-to-be see that beauty in herself. It’s such a fleeting time- yes, even though it feels very long at about the 9th month- and it’s common to see that beauty looking back, but not necessarily in the midst of things. Once the baby is here, it’s hard to even imagine that time again. Maternity portraits capture the strength and beauty of your changing body and the miracle of a new and growing life. That’s why I love celebrating pregnancy this way!


I’m looking forward to meeting this little guy- more to come from him soon!


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