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A baby’s first year is a time of amazing growth and change, from being completely dependent and unable to even roll over to taking first steps. Being able to photograph those changes and the stages of a baby’s first year is such a privilege and so much fun. Since I see the babies every six months or so, I can hardly believe how much they’ve grown up in that time. Since I’m still blogging long ago sessions, I thought it would be fun to do Lorelai’s newborn, three month and seven month sessions all at once to show an example of one (super adorable)  baby’s first year sessions. Here’s an overview of how she grew in that time:


Incredible, right?! She was such a little peanut when she was born at just 5 pounds, 8 ounces, but now she’s got adorable rolls and cheeks to match. And her sweet, cheerful personality is just a delight to see.

Here’s the first session- her newborn photographs. I love the way the picture above in her daddy’s hands shows how truly tiny she these you can see what a pretty, delicate face she had


The next good time to do a session in a baby’s first year is at 3-4 months. They have so much more personality then. They still can’t do a lot physically, but they interact in such a cute way, and there are usually plenty of smiles. Since it was fall, we met outside in the evening for this session, and Lorelai modeled a few of her fall outfits-


I still smile every time I see her in that cute little hat : ).

The next stage in a baby’s first year that I love is the 6-8 month sitting stage. They’re little hams at this age, and usually don’t have the stranger anxiety that comes a few months later, so are generally in a good mood. Lorelai was in an exceptionally good mood- she put up with lots of clothing changes and set changes and smiled happily through it all. She made it a very easy session!


We just set up a time for her one year session- the ‘standing and toddling’ stage in a baby’s first year. The best time to catch babies for this is when they’re first taking steps, but not walking confidently yet. Once they can outrun me, all bets are off!

So stay tuned for the next installment. I’ve come to love this little one and her family, and can’t wait to see how much she’s grown!

By the way, her mama is a massage therapist and gives great massages. I’ve gifted a few to my hubby and he raves about her. If you’re looking for someone who can give you a healing, relaxing massage, I can highly recommend her!

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