Daddies and babies- a heart melting combination

baby-in-dad's-handsI have such a soft spot for images of daddies and babies- it’s a heart-melting combination for me. First time daddies, handling their babies tentatively and oh-so-gently, balancing the babies with great concentration. Experienced dads, who pick them up deftly and hold them with a practiced ease- both make me want to sit back and take time to get those movements recorded, because that is love on display. It reminds me of the wonderful quote that says:

Children hold their parents’ hands for a little while; their hearts forever.

And when it’s these first days for daddies and babies, and those baby hands are impossibly tiny next to their dad’s big strong hands, the pictures are magical. In a few short months it will be almost impossible to imagine this crawling, walking, bike-riding kid ever fit in your palms.

Lauren’s dad grew up in Kenya, and most of his family is still there, so sharing pictures of her is even more important than usual. They’ll be traveling to see her soon, but until then, they have these pictures of their adorable grandchild and niece to tide them over.



And in keeping with our ‘daddies and babies’ theme, here she is again with her daddy, and with her beautiful mom, too. I just love their expressions as they’re looking at her- you can see how much she’s loved already!


T. family, congratulations on your beautiful new daughter, and thank you for the opportunity to capture her first days. It was truly a pleasure, and I hope you always look back at these images and remember the pride, awe and love you felt!


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