vintage stroller | newborn in vintage buggy

This vintage stroller tamed a toddler, made a newborn baby happy and made a picture of two brand new sisters together possible…all while just sitting there and looking pretty. It wasn’t the plan to be outdoors for her newborn session. We were having a heat wave, and it was pretty sticky and miserable out, so indoors was a more comfortable place to be. And baby Eva did great for her newborn pictures there. Big sister, though, wasn’t as happy to have pictures taken inside. Mom was eager to have a picture of the two of them together. I’ve learned a few tips and different ideas over the years to get babies and toddlers together in a picture, and usually patience and good humor win them over for a least one or two together. All I got this time, though, was a lot of pictures of the back of Naomi’s head- she’s quick! The other thing I’ve learned is that if plan ‘A’ doesn’t work, plan ‘B’ just might. This time, though, I think I was up to plan ‘E’ and nothing was working.


Then I remembered the vintage stroller, and I thought a change of scenery and a prop might give us a chance. So we met again a few evenings later (a much cooler evening, thank goodness!) and strolled down to a tree-shaded pond near their home. Naomi chatted away as we walked, and clearly loved being outside. Eva was quiet and content, too, and settled right down on the blanket in the rattan vintage stroller. Big sister loved her spot by the handle, ‘pushing’ the (braked and chocked) buggy. It was a breeze to catch her adorable little smiles- so much easier than trying to sweet-talk her into something indoors! I love the results, and I love even more the fact that we all had a great time while we were doing it- that’s the way a photo session should feel!

And a few of Eva from the original indoor newborn photos:





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