things to capture in a newborn photography session

When thinking about things to capture in a newborn photography session, I first think about what parents are going to want to see in years to come. I also imagine these babies looking at their pictures in the future, and try to imagine what they’d like to see of themselves in those first days. Marshall’s photo session gave us a nice variety of what I think are important things to capture in a newborn photography session. First, a close up of that adorable face. It changes so quickly, and yet, is often still recognizable when they’re grown. And it gives relatives a chance to say things like ‘he has the Smith chin!’, and ‘we haven’t seen that color hair in the family since Great-Grandpa Jones!’ I think grandmas, especially, love to figure out which features were inherited from which branch of the family tree-





then come the little details- those tiny toes, the way their hair grows, the little fingers and ears-




another of the things to capture in a newborn photography session is their tiny size. One of my favorite ways to do that is to put them, all curled up, in their daddy’s hands. In just a few short months, it gets hard to believe they ever fit there ( I especially love that Marshall is wide awake and calm here)-



next, how much they are loved…to me, this shot with his mom says it all-


and of course, how ridiculously cute they are! Nothing like a fun baby hat or a cozy handknit wrap to show that off-


There are endless variations of newborn poses and images, of course, but that’s my general outline of things to capture in a newborn photography session. If you’re expecting a baby and are interested in a newborn photo session, email me at or call 269-267-7083 to get more information.





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