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Photographing a new baby with older siblings is so much fun! Toddlers are unpredictable….some love the new baby and some feel a little less kindly towards it. But older brothers and sisters are usually proud to show off their sibling and their baby-handling skills, and most are pretty good at holding him or her even after just a few days. These brothers were pros. I did a newborn session for the third boy in the family a few years ago, and the picture of the three of them is one of my all-time favorite pictures of a new baby with older siblings.

These boys are so sweet and so good-natured and friendly, and it just melts you to watch them talk to, smile at and rock the new baby. Can you imagine the fun all four of them are going to have together?!new baby with older siblingsOnce we had done all the boys together, the older boys each wanted a turn alone with Aiden. They’re planning to hang their pictures with him in their lockers at school. Told you they were great!


and, they unloaded and loaded my supplies from the car and helped me set up. I could get used to assistants like this at every session!

Aiden is pretty cute all on his own, too. Once we were done with the family shots he was the star of the show, and seemed to love spending time wrapped up and modeling. I had the whole family watching, oohing and ahhing over how cute he was. I have a feeling that he’ll get plenty of attention.



Thank you for choosing me for your newborn portraits again, H. family. When it comes to getting great pictures of a new baby with older siblings, your boys do it so well that they make it look effortless!

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