Baby photography | Fiona’s newborn session

Baby photography today can take many forms- the days when you were limited to taking your baby to Sears or Penney’s and waiting in line for your 15 minutes are gone. Now you can personalize your session in many ways, and find a photographer who specializes in newborns. There are portrait studio options, in home options and even outdoor choices. The difficult part now can be narrowing down the style you want! Fiona’s baby photography session took place in her home- her mom and dad wanted to be able to relax at on the couch and watch, and invited her aunt to be a part of it, too. They were so much fun to chat with- she’s clearly adored by her family already.

She kept her mama waiting past her due date, and she was so nicely filled out- love the rolls and chubby cheeks she already has!


There are some girls that just look feminine right from the start, and I think she’s one of them…I doubt that her parents will get many questions about whether she’s a boy or a girl. All the girly hats we tried on her just looked right, and she indulged our dressing her up without a bit of fuss- she was such a perfect baby for us.

I love the image of her with her mom- the way she’s cherished just shines through. I know baby photography sessions are mostly about your new baby, but I think it’s so important for parents to be in just a few images. Your baby will love seeing what you looked like when she was born, and will being able to see how much she was loved from the start. And it’s a great way to remember how tiny they were when they were born- she won’t fit like this much longer!




why choose Ellen for baby photography?

  • – her unique style- soft and simple, with the focus on you and your family
  • – freedom to stay home for your session or to choose a beautiful location in Kalamazoo
  • – advice and online resources to help you look and dress your best
  • – 9 years of experience photographing new babies, earning her the nickname ‘the baby whisperer’
  • – she’s a Certified Professional Photographer, a recognition earned by only 4% of photographers nationwide

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