what to wear for your maternity photo shoot

What to wear for your maternity photo shoot? Sometimes it can be tough to make those decisions!  With a few easy guidelines in mind, though, it will be easier to go through your closet (or shop!) to find just the right things to make you look your best in your beautiful new body. You are beautiful, you know- let’s show it off!

the belly is the star of the show

You want to celebrate your new curves, so the key is to wear clothing that defines your belly. The first shirt is cute, but leaves you wondering “Is she or isn’t she?” Look for tops that have a seam under the bust, or a tie or belt to create definition over the belly. See the difference?

woman in navy blouse

very loose fitting and doesn’t show off the belly

what to wear for your maternity photo shoot- tops

belts, ties, and a band or seam at an empire waist all help to show off that baby bump

I love everything about this look- the lace adds beautiful texture, and the flower belt complements it perfectly and adds definition-

lace maternity top with flower belt


Women carry their babies differently, and if you’re one of those lucky women who have a ‘basketball’ belly with your baby all in front, you can pull off more body-conscious shirts that show off the belly with a close fit or some ruching at the sides.

start with a good foundation

Start with a well-fitting bra, and the whole look will benefit. Your size is changing, so check to be sure the one you’re wearing fits the new you and is flattering under clothes. To avoid VPL or bulges on the hips, you might check into maternity body shapewear, too- yes, it’s out there!

what to wear on the bottom

Think in terms of balancing what you’re wearing on top- if your top is full, slim pants, leggings or skinny jeans are good choices. If you’re wearing a body-hugging top, consider wearing a flowing skirt or wider-leg pants. Above all, be comfortable, because you’ll be moving into different positions during the session, and it’s already a bit harder to move around!

getting dressy

A dress is another great option for a maternity photo session. Again, look for empire waist seams, ties, or add a belt above the belly.

what to wear for your maternity photo shoot- dresses

I’m loving the look of maxi dresses, and they are so comfortable- perfect combination!

Avoid unstructured maxis- again, this dress makes you wonder if there’s a baby there or not-

maternity maxi

these dresses, though, would work perfectly (except for the far right- add a belt, though, and it would work)

good maxi dresses for maternity photo session

(the maxi dresses and accessories I found on Polyvore- it’s a fantastic resource for visual examples of how to put clothes and accessories together)

body conscious maternity dress for pregnancy photo session

an example of a ‘body conscious’ dress

accessorize to mix things up

Use a jacket, sweater or wrap to change the look of a dress or top and to get another look from it. Add fun jewelry or a scarf- have fun with it!

the details- pamper yourself

This is your chance to model, so pamper yourself like one! We’ll use your hands to frame your belly, so a manicure is a good idea. While you’re at it, treat yourself to a pedicure and a blowout, too- they’ll help you look and feel your best.

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