She’s the second daughter for this sweet family, and was just as easygoing as can be. You could tell that she was already used to the sounds of her busy older sister and the family dogs, because she napped right through it all. In fact, her dad was doing some repairs in another part of the house during our session, and she slept happily through that, too. I’m not sure if that proves good sleepers are born or made, but it worked out well for pictures!

Her farm-style house is beautifully decorated in a shabby chic style, so we thought this basket and background would fit it well-

vintage newborn style

newborn in pixie hat

newborn head on hands pose


This newborn session took place when she was about 8 days old, and ideal time for photography of a new baby. If you’re expecting a baby and are interested in maternity or newborn photography,  contact me at ellen@ellendykstraphotography.com or 269-267-7083. Newborn sessions can be tentatively scheduled in advance, and maternity sessions are best scheduled at 32-34 weeks of pregnancy. See http://ellendykstraphotography.com/portfolio/maternity/ or http://ellendykstraphotography.com/portfolio/newborn-gallery/ for more examples.

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