Alas, Google Reader is going away this summer. This was very bad news to me, because I love following blogs through Google Reader and it’s one of life’s little rewards to take a few minutes to read my favorites. It’s so convenient to have everything in one place, and to be able to keep up on all the new posts that way. But, hallelujah! I’ve found a great replacement. It’s called Feedly, and you can find the feed reader here.

It looks easy to navigate, and I was literally able to transfer all my feeds over in less than 30 seconds.  If you’re like me and these things are not always (ahem) intuitive, there’s a feedly tutorial here. I immediately liked the presentation- little thumbnail images of the first pictures on the post, and a nice clean design. I’m looking forward to some of the features I found in the tutorial, like grouping blogs into categories, starring favorite feeds, and assigning different views to individual feeds.

If you’re a blog subscriber and read through Google Reader, give Feedly a try, and let me know what you think.

And since I love reading blogs and could always use a few more in my reader, I’ll leave you with a few of my favorites. If you have some must-read blogs, leave me a comment to introduce me to them!

Momastery– funny, inspiring, profound, beautiful and wise.

Design Mom– written by a mom in France who lives in a farmhouse in the French countryside- I love living vicariously through her (when I’m not feeling a teensy bit DIY challenged in comparison ). She has an incredible sense of style, and her blog is full of beauty.

Parent Hacks– just brilliant! Tips and tricks to solve any parenting problem and simplify your life.

Cakewrecks– hilarious, and proves every day that there are an unlimited number of ways to get cake decorating very, very wrong.

Photography related:

Click It Up a Notch– a wide variety of posts with photography tips, interviews, display ideas, critiques- lots of useful and interesting photography information.

Psychology for Photographers- business related topics, presented in an interesting, refreshing way. Jenika always has a unique insight on a subject.



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