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We finally had a gloriously sunny, warm and colorful fall day for this session, after multiple reschedules due to rain. But if the day was perfect, Miss Olivia’s mood was, well, not. Whether it was teething, the start of a bug of some kind or something else, it was just not her day. So we put the camera aside for a while and she spent time snuggling with mom. Then we played rounds of peek-a-boo, you chase me /I’ll chase you and did lots of running. I think we did more running than time in front of the camera, but luckily I have a quick trigger finger and caught those in-between moments, her mischievous expressions while being chased, and the fun she was having with her parents. Bad moods? They’re a fact of toddler life- but another fact of toddler life is that they’re fleeting. Give a toddler a few minutes and a change of scenery and chances are their mood will change, too!



I adore this one of her with her daddy-


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