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Kellie, the fabulous volunteer ‘foster mom’ with American Brittany Rescue, has opened her home to another Brittany. That’s partly because Otto has been getting lots of interest, and it looks like he may find his forever home soon- yay! Her new foster dog is Missy, who is a total sweetheart. We met in the field on a beautiful sunny summer evening to get some pictures of Missy for her profile on the website, and you could see Missy was in heaven there. She was fascinated by all the sights, sounds, and smells and was eager to explore it all. She’s clearly a dog who know how to enjoy life, and she has a constant smile on her face. She was eager to meet everyone, and you could tell she considered everyone a friend already- she’s as good natured as they come. If you know of anyone who’s looking for a dog and companion to brighten their days, tell them about Missy- she’d be happy to help!



American Brittany Rescue’s page of dogs available for adoption in Michigan

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