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(I’ve been saving this for a vacation post- if you’re reading this, I did things right and figured out how to have posts publish themselves while I’m gone. Straining the limits of my techiness, I tell you)

I love blog reading- I have a long list in my Google reader so that I automatically get updates of my favorites, and one of  my rewards during breaks is catching up on a few. This post was recommended by another blogger, and I loved it- it really struck a chord with me. I know I can be guilty of putting a rosy glow over those first years of raising kids- they were wonderful, but they certainly had plenty of their moments. If you’re right in the middle of the busy, chaotic, up and down of  parenting young kids, it may be just what you need to hear right now- and I know it will make you smile and nod in agreement in at least a few spots. Enjoy!

Don’t Carpe Diem – by Glennon of Momastery

(more of this cute family to follow later).

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