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I wish I had taken a ‘behind the scenes’ picture at Lincoln’s newborn photo session. It was an example of so many of the things I love about being an on location photographer- going to client’s homes to do the session. His family lives in a beautiful vintage home. It was a cold and blustery Michigan winter day, and his mom was having trouble heating the room she planned to use to the tropical temperature I recommend to keep new little babies comfy and warm. Enter plan B, and we set up in the bedroom, which got wonderfully warm and cozy quickly. I bring a few supplies with me (just a few- people sometimes express surprise that everything fits in my car, ahem), so to set up we had to use the largest surface area in the room- the bed. And it worked beautifully- Lincoln dozed happily and we got lots of variety just by changing backdrops and leaving him right where he was.  It’s so nice to be able to have families be right where they’re comfortable- changes of clothes are easy to grab, Dad can pop in for a few images and then go on with his day, and Mom can relax and watch from a comfortable spot, siblings can be occupied elsewhere, and the family cats and dogs can wander in and out to supervise as they’d like. It’s also fun to have the challenge of finding new spots and new light with each session. Here’s one of the resulting pictures:


It’s an example of another thing that is so special about having a family welcome me into their home- we can collaborate and make their session unique to them. Lincoln’s mom is a graphic designer, and she had seen a newborn picture using twinkle lights and wanted to get one with Lincoln. She set up the background for me, and I love the results!


See? He loved his session!

Newborn photography sessions are ideally done withing the first two weeks of life. It’s best to schedule in advance to assure space in the schedule- I’m flexible and leave space in the schedule to rearrange things based on your baby’s actual arrival. I photography babies in the Kalamazoo or Portage area and surrounding cities in west Michigan. If you’re expecting a baby and would like to discuss a photography session for your newborn, contact me here or call 269-267-7083.







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