It was a bittersweet day today as we said goodbye to Filly. It’s time for her to go in for her formal training to be a PAWS service dog. I know she’s ready, but we never are. We’ll miss her boundless optimism and enthusiasm. She never had a bad day, and never met a person she didn’t like. Don’t let the serious looks here fool you- she knew how to get the maximum enjoyment out of every situation, and was  eager for the next adventure. She was always willing to try whatever we asked (although it was often done with her trademark touch of zaniness!). And when things weren’t going so well for someone, she knew just when to come over and quietly snuggle in to offer comfort.

But this isn’t about us- it’s about someone who needs her and is waiting for her. So while we don’t know exactly where life will take her, we do know she’ll be a great companion for someone who needs her, and that makes it all worthwhile. She’s doing what she was born to do.

We’ll miss you, sweet girl, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for you- we know you’ll make us proud.


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